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Adrafinil Safety and Side Effects

Despite its potent nootropic benefits, Adrafinil is a very safe and non-toxic compound. Studies have found it to produce no toxicity even at doses far exceeding what is recommended.

One study on rats, for example, found no signs of toxicity when doses as high as 400 mg / kg of body weight were administered daily for 1 month. [1] The same study found no toxicity in doses of 200 mg / kg for body weight applied daily for 3 months. [1] (For reference, the recommended dose for nootropic benefits is no more than 300 mg.)

A study on humans found that long-term use of Modafinil (which Adrafinil metabolizes into), did not have harmful side effects. [1] That said, daily use of Adrafinil is not recommended due to it’s effect on liver enzymes and the build-up of tolerance.

Side Effects

Unlike amphetamines and related stimulants, Adrafinil does not cause any anxiogenic (anxiety causing) side effects or other side effects resulting from stimulation of the peripheral nervous system. [1][2] That said, Adrafinil has been known to cause the following side effects in some individuals:

  • Mild headaches
  • Nausea
  • Appetite reduction
  • Insomnia
  • Increase in liver enzyme counts

Most important to note is that Adrafinil has been shown to increase counts of liver enzymes when taken regularly, suggesting that sustained use could cause liver damage. It’s effect on liver enzyme profiles is small and has been shown to be similar to that of tylenol. This means that while infrequent use isn’t likely to cause liver damage, like with Tylenol Adrafinil should never be taken with alcohol and any drugs shown to have similar effects on liver enzymes.

Adrafinil increases night-time activity, and if dosed too late in the day insomnia is a common side effect. Unlike other stimulants, however, Adrafinil does not reduce the quality of nighttime sleep and has no impact on blood pressure or heart rate. [1][3][4]

Rarely, the use of Adrafinil in elderly patients has been shown to cause orofacial dyskinesia that in some cases has persisted after use has stopped. This is believed to be caused by an abnormal metabolism of modafinil in these users, leading to a reduced clearance of the drug. [5]

Overdose and Addiction Potential

While Adrafinil has been shown to have no addictive properties, it should not be taken on a daily basis due to its impact on liver enzymes and because daily use will cause a tolerance to develop. [4]

While exceeding the recommended dosage of 600 mg per day is not life-threatening, doing so increases the likelihood of experiencing side effects. For this reason, it is not recommended to take doses exceeding 600 mg.

While Adrafinil is a very safe compound when used correctly, the above side effects have been observed and you should not take it without first consulting your physician.

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