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Adrafinil is a nootropic supplement used by many people to enhance focus, vigilance, and levels of energy. It was developed in France by a pharmaceutical company around 1970. The pharmaceutical company was called Louis Lafon Laboratories and they had a very noble goal in mind.

Many stimulants prescribed to people carry a plethora of negative side effects and dangers. Most notable is how addictive they can be. One of the most commonly prescribed stimulants, Adderall, carries a very high potential for abuse and addictions. Because of the intense feelings users experience, many take a higher dose than prescribed, which can lead with withdrawal and addiction.

Lafon Laboratories wanted to build a nootropic that could be used similarly to a stimulant such as Adderall, but that didn’t carry the same dangers of addiction and abuse. After being developed for two decades, Lafon Laborities released Adrafinil. It was originally offered within France as a prescription treatment for narcolepsy. In the USA, it has not been approved to treat any conditions or diseases. Anyone can import it, and it can be obtained without a prescription.

Where Can I Buy Adrafinil?

Follow the link below to order a bottle of 30 Adrafinil capsules. Each capsule contains 300mg of Adrafinil. There are no fillers, our product is over 98% pure Adrafinil. Please do not purchase Adrafinil before you have consulted with your physician. Adrafinil is perhaps the most potent nootropic available without a prescription. It is very important to respect it and use it responsibly. Never consume more than two capsules in one day and cycle use. If you have taken Adrafinil every day for two weeks, do not take it the following week.

What Does Adrafinil Do?

Adrafinil has multiple nootropic benefits. First, it has effects similar to traditional stimulants. It is able to increase levels of energy and focus. Many people also report it is able to boost their mood throughout the day. These effects are all similar to a traditional stimulant. However, Adrafinil’s toxicity and potential for abuse, and side effects are much lower.

Please understand, even though Adrafinil is much safer than a traditional stimulant such as Adderall, its effects are not nearly as powerful. For those who have used stimulants in the past, do not expect a similar feeling. Adrafinil will help you feel more awake, alert, and energized, but it will not send you into overdrive like a traditional stimulant would.

Adrafinil may also enhance memory and improve problem solving skills. Adrafinil can help you think more clearly and “de-fog” you mind. This helps you think through complex tasks and remember information you are reading.

Should I Use Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is taken most commonly by students trying to excel at school or workers who need to concentrate for long hours at a time. The most common drug taken by workers to get through the day is Caffeine. It is ingrained into many cultures around the world as a socially acceptable way to enhance your focus and energy. But that does not mean it is by any means the best nootropic you could take to get through a work day.

Caffeine only lasts a couple hours and is usually followed by a “crash” in energy leaving the person feeling more sluggish and less focused than before they took it. Additionally, it gives many people “jitters” and makes them feel anxious which can make focusing on work even harder.

Adrafinil on the other hand, has no crash. There aren’t any real peaks or crashes. It is less likely to cause anxiety or jitteriness because the feeling is more subtle. Also, the effects last much longer than Caffeine’s. Adrafinil lasts anywhere from 8-12 hours which is enough to keep someone going for an entire work day.

You will also have more energy when you get home from work which can help you enjoy the part of the day you get to yourself. Many people feel so drained from their caffeine crash when they get home it can be hard to do anything but sit on the couch.

The largest downside to Adrafinil is that it shouldn’t be taken every day and you must consult your doctor before taking it. There are some potentially serious side effects which must be considered.

Adrafinil Can Also Benefit Students

For most students, the biggest challenge they face is sitting down and studying for exams. Many students will procrastinate, and end up needing to pull a very long study session the night before an exam. Not only is it hard for students to motivate themselves to engage in a long study session, but concentrating, and digesting the information is even more difficult.

Luckily Adrafinil can help with this. The slight boost it may provide to one’s mood can get them ready to hit the books. And the increase in mental/physical energy it provides can help you study for long periods of time. Additionally, you are much more likely to comprehend and remember the information you learn.

Because students don’t study every day, and it is not recommended to take Adrafinil on a daily basis, it may be more helpful for students. Even if you do not plan on taking it every day, you still must consult your physician before use.

Adrafinil’s Safety and Side Effects

The most significant side effect Adrafinil carries is associated with daily use over a long period of time. In rare cases, constant use has been shown to increase the levels of certain enzymes within the liver. For this reason, anyone who plans on taking it should cycle their usage. If you plan on taking it every day, only do so under the supervision of your physician who can regularly monitor you enzyme levels.

More mild negative effects include diarrhea, insomnia, stomach pain, back pain, and nausea. Serious effects include any kind of rash, peeling of the skin, or allergic reaction. Should any of these effects occur, seek medical attention immediately.

Even though the toxicity threshold on Adrafinil is relatively low compared to traditional stimulants, never exceed 600mg (2 capsules) in a single day. There has never been a recorded fatal overdose from Adrafinil.

When taken responsibly, adrafinil has to potential to enhance your life. Whether you need help getting through the work day or performing at school, it can help. Please schedule an appointment with your physician and discuss it with him before starting use.

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Try Adrafinil Now!

We're confident you'll experience the desired benefits from our Adrafinil, which is why we offer a full money back guarantee on all orders.

Give it a try and see its powerful benefits for yourself.

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