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Every batch of our Adrafinil is tested for safety and purity by both the manufacturer and a third party.

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Product Information

Adrafinil is a synthetic nootropic used to enhance cognitive function including focus, memory, and problem solving abilities. It provides many of the same benefits as classical stimulants without many of their negative side effects, and is one of the most potent nootropics available without a prescription.

Our Adrafinil is high quality and is rigorously tested for safety and purity by both our manufacturer and a third-party. The Certificate of Analysis for both tests are available here:

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Our Adrafinil has no unnecessary ingredients, each capsule contains 300 mg of Adrafinil with a small amount of rice flour filler to ensure an even capsule fill.

Our capsules are composed of bovine gelatin.

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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is currently one of the most potent nootropic substances that is available without a prescription. It has been well researched, and shown to provide a wide array of cognitive enhancing benefits including improving vigilance, memory, focus, and the ability to effectively solve problems. While it has some similar effects to traditional, amphetamine-like stimulants, it has far fewer side effects including not raising heart-rate or blood pressure.

Benefits of Adrafinil

Research has shown Adrafinil to provide many cognitive enhancing effects, even amongst healthy non-sleep-deprived adults. Because it acts as a mild stimulant, Adrafinil provides many of the same benefits as other stimulants including boosts to focus, vigilance, mental energy, and mood. What makes Adrafinil stand out in this regard is that it provides these benefits without many of the negative side effects caused by more powerful stimulants such as anxiety, jitters, and loss of night-time sleep quality. In addition, Adrafinil does not increase blood pressure or heart rate.

In addition to the effects described above, Adrafinil has also been shown to produce cognitive benefits more commonly categorized as nootropic including increased problem solving abilities, memory and recall, and general cognition.

Adrafinil’s effects are far more potent than those of other non-prescription nootropics, many of which have only been shown to improve cognition in those suffering from conditions causing a cognitive deficit. For this reason, Adrafinil has become popular amongst students as a study-aid and professionals who work overnight shifts or need to remain focused for long periods of time.

Adrafinil as a Study Aid

Adrafinil has become popular as a study aid because it addresses many of the common problems students have.

Research has shown that Adrafinil increases both task enjoyment and motivation. In one study healthy, non-sleep deprived adults took a battery of cognitive assessment tests either on Adrafinil or a placebo. Those given the Adrafinil not only performed better on the tests, but reported enjoying them more and feeling more motivated to do them.

These effects have proven ideal for students who grapple with procrastination, as they have found Adrafinil to make them more motivated to begin studying in the first place.

Another study performed on healthy adult males found that Adrafinil increases mental energy, vigilance, and focus. These participants were given either 100 mg of Adrafinil, 200 mg of Adrafinil, or a placebo and were asked to perform tasks which measured memory and focus. Researchers found that the groups taking the Adrafinil performed significantly better than the placebo group, and that the Adrafinil groups reported increased levels of energy and focus when taking the tests.

These benefits show that not only does Adrafinil use improve the ability to stay focused during long study sessions, but that it also improves the amount of the information that will be retained. These two studies perfectly illustrate what many students already recognized, that Adrafinil is an ideal study aid.

Adrafinil in the Workplace

As students who used Adrafinil as a study aid graduate and enter the workforce, many have found that Adrafinil is useful for more than just studying. While coffee is the most commonly used productivity improving drug, it comes with some clear drawbacks. Tolerance to caffeine forms extremely quickly, and once a tolerance is built coffee use becomes less about raising focus and productivity above baseline, and more about just waking up and feeling normal. In addition caffeine commonly causes anxiety and jitters, two side effects not induced by Adrafinil.

Tolerance to Adrafinil builds at a slower pace than it does with caffeine, and unlike caffeine which begins to wear off about 4 hours after consumption Adrafinil provides a more even feeling which persists for roughly 8 hours. Many employees at jobs which require consistent productivity day after day have found that cycling Adrafinil allows them to reduce their caffeine tolerance making coffee more effective when it becomes time to cease Adrafinil use. Others continue using coffee daily, but have found Adrafinil to be excellent on an as needed basis, giving them the extra energy necessary to power through the occasional large project.

Using Adrafinil Properly.

Adrafinil is a very potent nootropic, and should not be used without first consulting your physician. While the typical recommended dosage ranges from 300 – 600 mg, it is always best to start with a low dose and only increase the dose if necessary. It is not recommended to exceed a 600 mg dose in a given day, as doing so greatly increases the chances of experiencing adverse side effects. Furthermore, studies have shown Adrafinil to operate on a U-shaped dose response curve, meaning that at a certain point increasing one’s dose will not just increase side effects, but will also reduce the effectiveness of the drug itself.

The second thing to keep in mind when using Adrafinil is that it is very important to either cycle its use or to only use it sparingly on an as needed basis. Cycling Adrafinil means that if one was to use it daily for two weeks, they should then take two weeks off. This is recommended not only to keep tolerance down, but because daily use of Adrafinil over long periods of time has been shown to increase liver enzyme counts. The effect of Adrafinil on liver enzymes is mild and is similar to the effect of Tylenol, but extended daily use can cause this effect to accumulate over time. For this reason it is also important that Adrafinil never be taken with alcohol, or other drugs such as Tylenol that have a similar impact on live enzyme counts.

To prevent insomnia, Adrafinil should be taken early in the morning. It is very important that it is taken on an empty stomach, as eating first will both reduce its effectiveness and increase one’s chances of having nausea as a side effect.

Adrafinil Safety and Side Effects

When used according to the guidelines stated above, Adrafinil is very safe and well-tolerated. The largest risk when using Adrafinil is that when used daily over extended periods of time it has been shown to increase liver enzyme counts. Enzyme counts are one way used to measure strain on the liver, suggesting that long-term daily use could potentially cause liver damage. It should be noted that Adrafinil’s effect on liver enzymes is comparable to other drugs such as Tylenol, however to avoid any issues it is best to either take it only on an ad hoc basis or to cycle its use.

Adrafinil is very non-toxic, even at doses far exceeding what are recommended for nootropic benefits. Clinical trials have been performed in which humans consumed as much as 1,200 mg/day for 7 to 21 days without any health risks occurring. One known incident of acute one-time overdose occurred at 4,500 mg but the overdose effects were not life-threatening.

Mild side effects of Adrafinil use include mild headaches, nausea, insomnia, skin irritation, and back pain have been reported in some individuals. More serious side effects are rare, and include allergic reaction, serious rash and other dermatological symptoms, and shortness of breath. If any serious side effects occur you should cease Adrafinil use and seek immediate medical attention.

Due to its effect on the dopamine system, the NIAAA (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism) stated that risk of abuse and dependence should be considered. However, in practice Adrafinil has a very low potential for abuse and addiction.

Is Adrafinil Legal?

Adrafinil is not regulated and is perfectly legal to possess.

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I am a chronic procrastinator when it comes to school. I always wait until the day before an exam to study. This results in me having to pull a 5+ hour study marathon at least once a week or so. The adrafinil keep me focused and awake the entire time. I even feel like I remember the material better for the test. Good stuff.

David F

I take one every morning as soon as I wake up. By the time I am ready for work and out the door I feel much more awake and ready to take on the day!

Mike B

I never expected much considering this is an over the counter supplement but I thought it worked really well, even better than coffee. Definitely gives a noticeable increase in energy.

Rose G

It really did help my attention and focus. I felt more awake and alert too. It also helped boost my mood but not as much as the boost it gave to my attention.

Blaine M