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How to Best Use Adrafinil

To experience the most pronounced benefits from Adrafinil and to limit the possibility of experiencing side effects, it’s recommended that the following guidelines:

Dosage Instructions

The recommended dosage of Adrafinil is 300 mg, although some people have reported needing 600 mg to experience it’s full benefits. It’s recommended to start at a 300 mg dose, and to only increase the dosage if you find this dosage to be insufficient.

Taking doses higher than 600 mg at once not only increases the possibility of experiencing adverse side effects, but may even reduce the effectiveness of the compound.

One dose-response study of Adrafinil found that high doses actually lead to lower serum Adrafinil levels, suggesting that such doses increase the elimination of Adrafinil to the point where less of the compound remains available to be metabolized into the active Modafinil. [1]

Usage Guidelines

Adrafinil should be taken shortly after waking, and always on an empty stomach. Taking Adrafinil after eating is a common mistake which significantly reduces its effectiveness.

To avoid tolerance, it is best to either take Adrafinil on an as needed basis or to cycle it. An example cycle would be two weeks on, one week off followed by one week on and two weeks off. This will help minimize its effect on liver enzymes and will help stave off the development of tolerance.

Always discuss the use of Adrafinil with your physician before using, as combining Adrafinil with alcohol, Tylenol, and other drugs that have a similar effect on liver enzymes can increase side effects and lead to liver damage.

Cited Studies

  1. Adrafinil: Effects on Behavior and Cognition in Aged Canines

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